events set by multiple rules do not stack



While Testing the implementation rule order to stack different values before sending the beacon props and eVars seem to work as expected, but the event's string, although it appears stacked on the debugger, doesn't send all the events when the server call is triggered.

Below is the first rule, order 10, which sets a bunch of props and eVar and also event45


Below is the second rule, order 25, which sets some other of props, eVars and also event4,event24 which appear stacked with the previous event45


Below is the beacon that was sent, order 50, with only event4,event24


I'm not sure if that's a bug or there's a reason all the events are not being stacked.

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I would say props should also potentially be additive because you can configure them to be list props.

I think it would be good to have a checkbox next to events and additive/list type variables (events, products, props, listX, hierX) to enable them to be appended instead of overwriting.