Event firing more often in Launch than DTM



Hi everyone!

We've migrated from DTM to Launch.

We have some legacy page view events in our custom code that fire both the hit and visit based variant of the event when a customer visits a specific page:



if (pageName == "section|subsection1|subsection2|title") {
s.events = s.events ? s.events += ',' + 'event1,event2' : 'event1,event2';



The hit based variant of the event tracked against the page views metric in Analytics exactly when deploying with DTM, but since migrating to Launch the event metric exceeds the page views metric by about 50%. After firing the event I'm using the 'Clear Variables' action to reset the event string and when debugging I can't see multiple instances of the same event.

Does Launch process or send events differently? Is there something I need to tweak in the configuration?

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