DTM to Launch Property Migrated but some of rules custom code condition not meets



Hi We recently migrated DTM to Launch out of 122 rule arround 100 rules are migrated but some of the rules which had some custom code and data element validation are not firing. those rules are still working in Prod site with DTM but not working in dev environment 

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While it does not answer your questions, we have found during our Adobe Launch migration that the best approach was to do a full audit of the whole tagging content.

Once we audited the implementation we done a full refactor of the tagging content to optimize existing code and remove any content not used anymore.

You will be amazed to find out how much redundant code and poorly written code you have in your web property over time and the migration to Adobe Launch is the perfect opportunity to do some tidying.




When switching from DTM to Launch, some functions are no longer supported (in particular the reading of cookies). For rules that no longer work, I advise you to use the "Launch Switch" add-on with the Console to determine if there are errors in your code.
If you have already identified rules that don't work since the migration, you can test the scripts directly in the Console to determine the nature of the problem.

Finally, if the script is not the cause, it may be one of the triggering rules. If this one is based on a dataElement, you may encounter the same kind of problem as mentioned above.

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