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Hello everyone, 

I am working on the migration from DTM to Adobe Launch. Last year it another Partner migrated part of Adobe Launch but they did not complete it. Basically, they only migrated the STAGE DTM web property but they did not execute any library build. Below there is the only stage that they executed and I have no idea if they checked the choices or not. I am thinking what if I delete the migrated property in Adobe Launch and execute the step again with my own choice?





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Accepted Solutions (1)



Recently we also observed same issue, around six months back we migrated one propertt from DTM to launch but due to some issues we did not configure same in production,now the problem is we did some changes at DTM side and again need to migrate to launch, by seeing this scenario it will not create any issue for you 

You can upgrade to launch once again with out deleting the old property, when you upgrade to launch it will create new property in launch with the timestamp

Once everything is working then you can delete old property in launch

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