DTM to Launch Migration - Google Universal Analytics Extension Creation Issue



Hi Folks,

Just Migrating from DTM to Launch, and the documentation has been very helpful. Although when I finally upgrade in DTM, I run into a persistent issue. I get the following message:

"Upgrade to Launch failed. We could not create the 'Google Universal Analytics' extension. Please contact Client Care if the issue persists."

I've checked out the adobe launch documentation up and down to see if our implementation is incorrect in any way. Maybe a rule that doesn't meet the pre-requisites, or bad JS in the custom code of the tool. I have found nothing. I am not excited to get customer care involved as it is understandably very expensive. Is there anything i am missing here? Has anyone else resolved this issue before in the past? Good heuristics for migration?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Cameron,

2 things you can check:

1. If you have 2 GA tool withn your DTM web-property ( you are trying to migrate ) with same account ID.
2. If the GA account has "Enable EU compliance for Google Universal Analytics" checked.

I faced the similar issue with 2nd scenario in place. I unched the "Enable EU compliance for Google Universal Analytics" setting and it worked.



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