Data Element for Page Name Not Sent With Every Hit



I have a Data Element set on every hit to generate Page Name. However, there are thousands of hits where it comes through as unspecified, and I don't understand why. Are data elements asynchronous, or is there something else going on?

This is what I have set up:

  • Processing rule that copies Page Name to eVar61
    • 12% of hits are coming through as unspecified, with no pattern
  • All hits set Page Name using a Data Element
  • Data Element pageName is set as: return _satellite.getVar('pageDomain') + ',' + _satellite.getVar('siteCountry') + ',' + _satellite.getVar('siteSection');
    • Data Element pageDomain is set as: Javascript variable name window.location.hostname
    • Data Element siteCountry is set as: Javascript Variable name
    • Data Element siteSection is a very long function, that I believe is at the root of the problem. Is it not getting enough time to complete?

This thread makes me think a solution could be setting Page Name as a condition to the pageview hit.

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Just to be sure, you don't set the value to the eVar within custom code? If you do, don't forget to also add it to s.linkTrackVars, else calls won't track it.