Common Analytics Plugins: getQueryParam initalized but not working



Hi, we have a couple of (migrated from DTM) data elements using the "getQueryParam" function, using the Common Analytics Plugin this function is loaded together with the library, but when the rule containing the data element with custom code where this function is used fires, we encounter the following error:

Failed to execute data element module core/src/lib/dataElements/customCode.js for data element customernumber. _satellite.getQueryParam is not a function TypeError: _satellite.getQueryParam is not a function at Object.source


Anyone else using this plugin and have some insights to share about getQueryParam function?

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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As the previous answer mentioned, the _satellite.getQueryParam object reference was not safe to use per the documentation here


"Reliance on custom code using other _satellite object methods could put your implementation at risk, as these methods could be subject to change in future product releases."


Luckily the Launch team made it pretty simple to do this with a data element.






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Answers (1)



Launch doesn't seem to support getQueryParam. But data elements have many built-in element types, you can use built-in data elements to grab data.