Can't get Custom Event to work on rule





I'm trying to get a rule to load via firing a custom event on the rule. We have the following event set up for it:



However when we run this code:
document.body.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('ConsentGiven'));

Nothing happens. 

The odd thing is when we attach the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger, and have it replace the Launch Embed code with one in dev, then it works. But otherwise, it doesn't.

We're currently loading the code in via JavaScript by injecting an async script tag into the header.

Can anyone let us know what needs to be done to get this custom event to work with the rule?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



I figured out the solution.


What was happening is that we are loading 2 properties on our page: One for scripts that can run before a cookie consent check, and one for scripts that can run when the consent was given.


But the property scripts are set up to not load if:


1) The window.__satelliteLoaded variable is set to true

2) window.satellite is already set


But that's easy to solve if you do the following:

window.__satelliteLoaded = false;
window._satellite = null;


Before loading the next property. This will allow the second property to load as intended.

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