Build date issue - if library has been republished



Hello Team, 


In our current Launch implementation we have republished the library but when we check in browser console using satellite.buildInfo command, showing the build date when the library originally published. 


Sometime this varies so not sure what happening exactly. Is there any issue with Launch ? 


For reference please see attached screenshot. 







Adobe Launch build

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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From the original poster:


I just went through Release notes of Launch and found that this was bug which fixed on January 16,2020 but here in my case I can see this bug not fixed.


Here is the Bug reference  

Bug Fixes

  • The republish library feature would sometimes not purge the Launch asset on Akamai properly and result in the original library still being served.




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Answers (1)



Republish, in order to make the library code take effect as soon as possible, you can open the library code through a browser, and then refresh it, so that it will be the latest republished.