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How does one stay informed when the software versions used by the Adobe product extensions get upgraded? And if an upgrade causes issues, how does one revert to a previous version?

This is a more general question about the software versions used by the various Adobe product extensions, but specifically Analytics. In DTM, one had some control over the AppMeasurement version served when using the Adobe managed option. With Launch, you do not have this control.

Whenever, the Analytics extension team decides to upgrade the version of AppMeasurement, you get the upgrade, without noticed.This provides no opportunity to conduct regression testing of the new version to ensure that it does not introduce issues. Even more troubling, is the fact that the version of AppMeasurement currently served by the Analytics extension is the unpatched 2.8.0 version. Within DTM there were warnings to upgrade to 2.8.2, because of issues with version 2.8.0. Within DTM, version 2.9.0 is already available.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Release notes for the Adobe Analytics extension can be found here:

Adobe Analytics Release Notes - Launch, by Adobe

This includes support for AppMeasurement libraries as well. Details on AppMeasurement libraries can be found here:

AppMeasurement for JavaScript

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