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I would like to implement following use case using AEP -

1. Capture user behavioral data while he interacts with the website. 

2. If a user shows an interest in a product then add him/her to a particular segment. 

3. If user has qualified for a segment in Step#2 then show some personalized message or offer. 


I can capture the behavioral data using Adobe Launch and stream it into AEP. Do I need to call Streaming Segmentation API in Step#2 to evaluate the user in a segment in real time? How do I determine in real time whether the user has qualified for that particular segment ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Yes, you are correct about calling streaming segmentation. With this capability, most segment rules can be evaluated and qualified. See this: more details.




Once you have developed, tested, and saved your segment definition, you can then evaluate the segment through either scheduled evaluation or on-demand evaluation.
Scheduled evaluation (also known as 'scheduled segmentation') allows you to create a recurring schedule for running an export job at a specific time, whereas on-demand evaluation involves creating a segment job to build the audience immediately. Steps for each are outlined at [1].