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Does someone know what AEM versions can be integrated with Launch?

Prerequisites for integration mention 6.4 AEM version, does it mean that AEM 6.3 and earlier cannot be integrated?

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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As Brandon stated above, AEM 6.4 and later will be the only versions of AEM with an out of the box integration. If you are using an older version of AEM, you can continue using the DTM integration or build a custom solution to use Launch.

I'll copy our AEM community managers incase they have anything else to add.

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A guide has been written showing how to integrated AEM 6.3 with Launch. Integrate AEM 6.3 with Adobe Launch

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Answers (5)




I believe that is correct, only 6.4 has an out-of-the box integration with Launch.  6.3 had one with DTM.  However AEM is consuming the Launch APIs that are available to any external system.