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Hi there,

After going through a number of tutorials and videos, I am hoping for some guidance on the best road map for a proper implementation of Adobe Launch. It's more of a migration.

My organization is already using Adobe Analytics across five websites, however, we are doing it in a very inefficient manner. Each page is hard coded to reference the AppMeasurement.js file. We are manually coding attributes such as page names, hierarchies, form IDs, events, etc. on a one-off basis for each page.

We have never used DTM or Launch, but would like to. We also do not have a data layer.

With all that in mind, what are the best steps to implementing Launch without messing up the connection to props, eVars, and events we've already been using for years with our Analytics instance? Can the Launch container work in tandem with the AppMeasurement.js file? Will it conflict? Should elements and rules from the .js file be migrated to become Launch data elements and rules?

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




So this is what I would do if this was my project and sites. First of all since you have access to Analytics create a Stage report suite and toss a page from staging on it and firstly enable Visitor ID service and go through that parts for doing the tracking. This way we don't mess with anything currently you have setup. And then gradually change this over. Anytime something is hard coded this should be changed over to Launch as a rule so it can be managed with in Launch. The idea is we break you away from hard coding because that really doesn't sound scalable for you or your organization.

Sounds like you have had a good start with videos and going through the forums which is awesome. But that is what I would start with new report suite first set the report suite size to about 10,000 on the create a new report suite wizard so it goes through and then gradually flip on the bits you use to create what you are currently doing like page name capture to basic prop1 and evar 1 alignment keeping in mind your kpis and just build from there. If you get stuck let us know but if this was mine that is how I would start with this so we dont break current structure.



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