Adobe Launch to build & manage a Data Layer?



We have Adobe Analytics and will be deploying Adobe Launch.  We are not using Adobe Experience Manager and don't have plans to ever use it.  We want to use Adobe Launch to deploy and manage our data layer.  I heard that the Adobe ContextHub extension in Adobe Launch can be used to build/manage our data layer.  In general, what's the best way to leverage Adobe Launch to build and manage a data layer?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



On a dynamic SPA site that I'm working with right now, we have no server generated data layer. however, I've added two sequential scripts that first: defined window.digitalData and some assumed static properties.

The second uses Object.assign() to merge a new object with actual data into the existing digitalData structure.

This enabled a semi-dynamic data layer, that was created at pageload, but before the initial pageBottom trigger was fired.