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Can someone explain how to custom configure launch to capture downloaded brochures?  I would like to track what they downloaded (evars, events and possibly props)  Pictures are welcome. 

BTW, Adobe Analytics is capturing the downloads, but I want to add them to custom events/vars

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Accepted Solutions (1)




you can't set additional props/evars/events out-of-the-box. that means, they are not handled like "normal rules". instead, they are just triggered by the analytics extension if you check the boxes.

as far as I know there are 2 workarounds you could try:

"custom code in analytics extension"

add doPlugins (which is run in every event) and check for "linkType" equals "d" (download). if that's the case, set all the desired props/evars/events.

thats the solution we use in our implementation.

"custom code to trigger a rule"

Don't know the details how it works. basically you do the same as above (check for download event), but instead you "abort" the tracking and call a custom rule by using _satellite.track("ruleTrigger"). now you can setup a rule with the same trigger as condition and set the actions similar to any other rule.

Remark: if you have more questions regarding Launch, I suggest to post them in the "Launch" section of this forum...

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