Adobe Launch - Pinterest Extension - not working ?



Hi community, has someone succesfully implemented pinterest tracking through use of the extension that is available to install?
I was unable to get the different event actions to fire, using the official Pinterest tag helper chrome extension I could see that when the different rules fired it just initialized base code and nothing else. But looking in the Launch debug it seemingly fired of events with data that I had specified within the rule so really confusing. Looks like this for example:


 [Pinterest Conversion Tracking] Send event: pintrk("track", "addtocart" {"value":299,"currency":"SEK","order_id":"","property":"","lead_type":"","line_items":"1031904-02","promo_code":"","video_title":"","search_query":"","order_quantity":""}) 

Ended up rewriting all the events in custom code as usual, and that works. Anyone else had the same experience with this extension?

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