Adobe Analytics detected under debugger summary but not the analytics tab



Hi - We recently upgraded from DTM to Launch but for some reason, I'm not seeing anything fire under the "analytics" tab of the debugger tool. 

Everything fired correctly when we were on DTM but for some reason I'm getting the following issue in console when we moved to Launch:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot redefine property:


at Function.defineProperty (<anonymous>)

at <anonymous>:1:12916

at <anonymous>:1:13285

We also ran an assessment on our page via the Search Discovery assessment tool and everything seemed fine minus a few data elements, which we fixed.

Any insights or help as to why Analytics isn't coming up would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi, @_teresa 

Are you saying the calls aren't firing at all, or just that you're not seeing them in the debugger? If you look in the network tab of your browser, do you see the calls? 

The error message in your original post indicates an issue with the debugger, though, that's just a guess on my part. Have you tried disabling the debugger to see if it has any impact on whether or not you see the calls fire? If it does, and you do see the calls fire, you might try removing and re-installing the latest version of the debugger.

For additional troubleshooting, try setting _satellite.setDebug(true) in your console and refreshing the page. Does the messaging indicate that the rules are firing?




Hi @_teresa ,

Can you please try using the Adobe Experience Debugger tool? Also, can you please check if there is a rule in Adobe Launch that is firing the Analytics beacon under "Actions" - "Send Analytics Beacon", and that rule is actually firing?