Add the ability to have metadata for the Launch property, Rules, DataElements, Extension



Hello Team,

Can we have the ability to add metadata for the Property, rules, datalements, extension so that we can get to know easily who create it, what's the purpose, under which category the rules, datalement resides. It would be great to know this things to avoid redundancy. This feature have in DTM at the moment and with the help of metadata we can search the things easily.

Currently in the list of all properties, I'm not able to see who created that property? when it's published last time and the history overall?

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I think this might be a duplicate of this idea;: Bring back notes

But to add a comment here.  The ability to add notes to certain entites (similar to what DTM had) is coming soon.  Because Launch is API-first these have already been released in the API and are documetned here: Adobe Experience Platform Launch.  Next up is to add support in the UI.