Actionable messaging on build fail



Would love to see some more useful/actionable information when a build fails - at the moment it simply gives me that there was a syntax error and a bunch of numbers which are not very useful to me (and the error goes over the page in Chrome);



In the above example I have a pretty good idea of where the issue is as I just made the change, however in a production environment where i might be an approver with no context around what multiple users are doing, this will take me a lot of time to track down.

This error messaging should specify the extensions/rules/data elements that have caused the build to fail, and where possible, why in simple language. Where it's a syntax error, I'd be looking for messaging that's similar to what we currently see in the DTM code editor, as per Code Checking in Code Editor .

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This is related an issue that has already been reported Failed Build Message :: List out the missing items using their friendly name .  I'm consolidating the feedback from this idea and that issue into one in the development system.