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Adobe TAM - Feature Enhancement Request for Honeywell Inc - Please file JIRA enhancement request.




Description - 


 I am the TAM for Honeywell, initiating a feature enhancement request on behalf of my customer, Honeywell.

On the "Audit Events" page in the "Adobe Experience Platform Launch" console interface, there is currently no way to apply filters to the data displayed.

In Honeywell's instance, they have over 5,000 rows of Audit Event data that are returned.

It would be helpful if the rows can be filtered using the header rows.

Can a JIRA ticket please be raised with this request?

Why is this feature important to you -


It's cumbersome to locate records with no way to filter or search

How would you like the feature to work -


Add (1) filters to the column header row (Sort A to Z, Z to A, etc.) and (2) add a basic search features to query the displayed data set. 

Current Behaviour -


No Current way to filter or manipulate data rows