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Summit 2018 L768 - Implementing Adobe Audience Manager & Customer ID Sync Using Adobe Launch


Level 10

Summit Attendees,

Please use this thread for a summary of the L768 and a place to ask additional questions regarding the lab. Be sure to subscribe by leaving a comment below.

Session Info:

L768 - Implementing Adobe Audience Manager & Customer ID Sync Using Adobe Launch

Varun Kaira - Adobe


Walk through the steps to implement Adobe Audience Manager on website with the new server-side forwarding method, and learn how to collect Declared ID using Adobe Launch. Stitch your customer ID with the Adobe Audience Manager Unique User ID (UUID). Get examples of how to onboard customer data on a cross-device data source. Debug and check whether a customer ID is qualified for intended segments. Key takeaways:

  • Implement Adobe Audience Manager with Customer ID on a website
  • Understand the high-level flow of data onboarding, data collection, debugging Customer ID sync and Trait and Segment qualifications.

This lab is for an intermediate audience with a basic understanding of Adobe Audience Manager.

Lab manual and presentation attached.

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Level 6

If we don't have audience manager, we only have adobe analytics and launch, will this class benefit?



Level 10

Some of the concepts are still applicable to customers without AAM. For example, the People Core Service (included with any Adobe solution) allows customers to upload company data (CRM, ect) via Customer Attributes to Analytics and match that with a declared ID. I still think you would find value with this session, but there might be a few things that are AAM specific and won't apply to you as a non AAM customer.