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Launch Publishing Workflow Issues


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Hello, a couple of times I was able to get into weird situation:

  • I was not able to publish changes to Development Environment with Akamai Adapter (the resulting file linked to an empty file)
  • That was even in the situation when I had a working file published in Production (containing previous changes in two libraries)

I tried numerous things:

  • I deleted the library that was not being published and created a new one (and played with selecting it as a "Working library")
  • I tried to select all the changes by "Add All Changed Resources" or even manually by "Add a resource" - one by one
  • I tried to do the fake changes in all the Rules, Data elements and Extensions (thanks to the fact that in this testing phase there are not many of them yet)

I can only guess what exactly caused this issue, but it was probably related to changes of the Environments:

  • Once I changed the "Working Library" to a different DEV Environment (from SFTP Adapter to "Hosted by Adobe")
  • Once I tried to test how exactly "Creating archive" would work (that probably didn't cause any trouble)
  • I also tried deleting the Library and creating a new one (didn't help)

I solved that issue only by deleting the whole DEV environment and creating a fresh one, but that is not a great solution as it generated new URLs (I would need to update the tracked applications).

Can you please solve this?

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