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Adobe Analytics Extension


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Hi all,


There is an Adobe Analytics extension in the 'actions' part of a rule that allows for setting variables, sending a beacon, and clearing variables.


There seems to be a bit of confusion in my team whether to set the variables first, send beacons next, and then clear variables or to clear variables first, then set variables, and then beacon.


I am a bit new to this field so I am not sure but could someone clarify which is the correct order and more importantly why?



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Set the variables first, send beacons next, and then clear variables - Follow this flow. It helps you get expected values.


Community Advisor

Hi @aksum 

Actions in Rule define what you want to happen when the rule runs. 

When you select Adobe analytics extension as configuration in your rule which offers 3 choices - Set variables, Send Beacon, and Clear Variables. 


Set Variables is only used for sets the variables either eVars, props, or events.

In order to send the data to Adobe Analytics, you need to use the "Send Beacon" which either increment a page view with s.t() call and not increment page view with s.tl() call. 

and last Clear Variables, to clear everything so the variables value not persist and once the rule execute all variable set before gets cleared/empty. 


Now what sequence need to used it's completely based on your implementation and the rule type you used.  Generally it goes like set variables, send beacon.

To get more info on when do we use clear variables - read this interesting blog from @yuhuisgDon't use clearVars!

Hope this helps

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