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Access Prod rules while Dev tag is on page.


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I have one property that is catering to multiple sites that are in various stages of being built. One has a dev tag on it and the other a prod tag.

While I was working in the development environment on a site that has the development tag on it, I had to add a rule that needed to be published to a site that is in production and has the production tag on it.

Launch would not let me build two different libraries in the development environment, so I was forced to add a rule to be published to a production site in the new development library and publish it to production. And then when I couldn't access the development rules on the site with the development tag, I tried to add the rules for the development site into a new development library but I'm getting an error that says all the rules are upstream.

Is there a way to add rules that have been published to a new development library? Or, is there a way like there was with DTM where I can access the prod library on the page with the development tag.

I do not have access to the site environments; they're all built by third parties and I'm not able to swap out the tags, so I'm ONLY looking for a solution I can try within Launch itself.

Thanks in advance. And also toot if you agree that these environment rules are kinda getting in the way of efficiency.

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