xpath returns no results



I have two aem 6.3 instances, called cq1 and cq2, they have same content and assets.


When I tried xpath query on cq1 with /jcr:root/content//*[jcr:contains(@fileReference, 'xxx.png' )]

I can get correct results.


When I tried same query on cq2, for some assets I can't get any result for other I just can get some old references, can't see any new's.

But if I change the query to /jcr:root/content//*[(@fileReference = 'xxx.png' )] it will return correct results.


I want know why I can not get correct result when I using "jcr:contains" in my query.


※instance restarting does not solve this problem.



Issue solved by re-index.