XF Fragments - Live Copy Issue



We are on AEM 6.5.0 and have a content & XF structure as below


/content/abc/language-master/en [Blue Print]
/content/abc/us/en [Live Copy]



Is it possible to create live copy for experience fragments (/content/experience-fragments/abc/us/en)
-When I select experience fragment and click on create, I see an option to create variation-as live copy, but that creates the live copy in the same hierarchy. But my requirement is to create the live copy under us /en . I want the live copy relation b/w the two (as we maintain the relationship in content pages). This is doable on content pages but not an experience fragment.
I mean under content, I can create one page under /language-master/en, and live copy config can roll out the same page in us/en language. How to achieve similar functionality in XF.


How does AEM automatically re-reference the the experience fragment provided in content


Basically, I have created a XFfor footer(content/experience-fragments/abc/language-master/en/footer/master) and included in a page under /content/abc/language-master/en/homepage
Now i have rolled out home pages to us/en . So whether experience fragment reference will also re- referred to /content/experience-fragments/abc/us/en . Please suggest if this is possible .
or is there any better way to use the live copy variation of corresponding Xf fragments

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Accepted Solutions (1)




MSM in XF can be achieved in the same way as for the content pages. You need to create the folder of the Language copy and then you can create the Language copy of XF for each language folder. You can refer to the document https://docs.adobe.com/content/help/en/experience-manager-64/authoring/authoring/experience-fragment..., in this under the sun-heading "Organizing your Experience Fragments" there is an image that shows the folder organization for MSM. Steps you can follow are:


1. Create a root folder ex: sample

2. Now inside the root folder create sub-folder with Title = English and Name = en

3. Inside root folder create one more sub-folder with Title = French and Name = fr

4. Now create one experience fragment under the folder English ex: test-XF

5. Now select the French folder > Create > Language Copy

6. Now in the "Create Language Copy" console, select the source as "/content/experience-fragments/sample/en/test", then select the Target language as "french" and other configs as desired.


You are done, now this is a Live Copy, and MSM is also achieved.


Note: the folder name has to be the language locale ex: en,fr, etc.



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