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In one of my work flow model, which includes following eight steps.

  1. Author review(inititor participant )
  2. Quality Assurance (Participant steps)
  3. corporate Review (Participant steps)
  4. Hold for Release Date (Process steps) --> custom one
  5. Create version (Process steps) --> CQ provided (com.day.cq.wcm.workflow.process.CreateVersionProcess)
  6. Absolute time auto advancer (process step) ---> CQ provided(com.day.cq.workflow.timeout.autoadvance.AbsoluteTimeAutoAdvancer)
  7. activate page/assets (process step) ---> CQ provided(com.day.cq.wcm.workflow.process.ActivatePageProcess)
  8. please propagate and translate (Participant steps)

If i subject any of my page to this workflow, i am getting a final mail saying that workflow aborted. When i go to to workflow archive and check the history, i can see the last steps getting executed two times. first is workflow completed and the final one is workflow aborted.

Current solution : If i remove the sixth steps. then its working fine. All the steps are getting executed fine, it says workflow completed. Please suggest if any thing wrong with the "Absolute time auto advancer" step?

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Is your issue resolved? We are also facing the same problem. Please suggest if you find any solution.