Workflow Launcher for Content Fragment



I have create workflow launcher which need to be trigger when new content fragment is created under /content/dam/myfragments folders.


But considering with in content fragment any nodes getting created under the parents node there are multiple workflow instance triggered for the same content. . I believe it should trigger only when Content Fragment completely created but not to each of its child node.



In workflow console I can see the launcher triggered for each of this path but it should trigger only for this content fragment "/content/dam/myfragments/mahamood-bio2"








Please advice how to create launcher for Content Fragment.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Mahamood,


    I have not tried this out. But Just wondering if you can make use of Conditions field. You can add one condition per launcher. If you can listen for a particular property from your expected node, may be your issue can be solved. Just go through this link once and see if this solves your issue. 




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