While upgrade from AEM 6.3-6.5, If I move my tags form old location to new location, authored pages are loosing their references

adithyaa6344757 25-11-2019

Hello All,

I am following the adobe article.

Restructuring guidance

All Tags must be migrated to /content/cq:tags.

  1. Copy all Tags from the Previous Location to the New Location.
  2. Remove all Tags from the Previous Location.
  3. Via the AEM Web Console, restart the Day Communique 5 Tagging OSGi bundle at HTTP://serveraddress:serverport/system/console/bundles/com.day.cq.cq-tagging for AEM to recognize the New Location contains content and should be used.

If I move my tags form old location to new location, authored pages are loosing their references. Is there a way without authoring again and pointing all the authored tags to new location?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


In order to properly align with the new model:

  1. Replace the references to the old model (/etc/tags) with the new one (/content/cq:tags) by using the tagID.
  2. Log in to CRXDE Lite
  3. Move the tags from /etc/tags to /content/cq:tags
  4. Restart the OSGi Component com.day.cq.tagging.impl.JcrTagManagerFactoryImpl

Adobe Experience Manager Help | Common Repository Restructuring in AEM 6.4

Restarting the Day Communique Tagging OSGi bundle will only register the New Location as the tag root if the Previous Location is empty.

References to the Previous Location will continue to work after migrating to New Location for all functionality that leverages AEM's TagManager API for tag resolution.

Any custom code that explicitly references the path /etc/tags must be updated to /content/cq:tags, or preferably rewritten to leverage the TagManager Java API, in tandem with this migration.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

_SumitSinghal 08-12-2019

Hi Team,

I am also facing the same issue where moving all the tags from /etc/tags to /content/cq:tags are not working even after restarting the tagging bundle still it is trying to pick the previous or old location i.e. /etc/tags.

I followed the steps given by Adobe ,not sure if anything else needs to be done.

Can anyone share their thoughts to get this fixed in AEM6.5 ?



This issue should not happen if you have performed these steps correctly.

Make sure you don't have any tags at location etc/tags after you move the tags. Also, confirm if tags are loaded here -> Go to http://localhost:4502/aem/tags