Where is saving relationship data in /crx/de repository about Blueprint/LiveCopy



Hi Guys,

As you can see the screenshot regarding "Blueprint Control Center", I can see there has many status about pages live copy, but I cannot find the relationship in /crx/de path, I know somewhere saving the relationship and maintenance.

I mean why Blueprint knows there has two site ca/en, us/en reference by language-masters/en? It definitely somewhere saving the data.

Thanks a lot.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Refer to Adobe CQ Help | Troubleshooting AEM MSM issues

The information is stored the following way .

- cq:LiveSync mixin type

This is set on jcr:content nodes and define root Livecopy pages .
Those pages will have a cq:LiveSyncConfig child node of type cq:LiveCopy that will contain basic and mandatory information on the Livecopy through the following properties:

cq:master : points to the Blueprint page of the Livecopy
cq:rolloutConfigs : indicates active Rollout Configurations applied on the Livecopy
cq:isDeep : is true if the child pages of this root Livecopy page are included in the Livecopy.

- cq:LiveRelationship mixin type

Any livecopy page has such a mixin type on its jcr:content node.
If not, the page has been at some point detached, or manually created via the authoring interface outside of a Livecopy action (create or rollout)

- cq:LiveSyncCancelled mixin type

Added on jcr:content nodes of Livecopy pages that were suspended.

If the suspension if effective for child pages as well : a cq:isCancelledForChildren=true property is added on the same node.

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Answers (4)