When i update email templates, it did not update emails when workflow runs



I am trying to change email templates content such as subject, time, message etc. under /libs/settings/workflow/notification/email/default/en.txt file in AEM 6.5.2 but it did not reflect on emails i got when started workflow. If anybody knows information, can you please point me correct direction. Your help is much appreciated.

I also checked https://helpx.adobe.com/in/experience-manager/6-4/sites/administering/using/notification.html article and according to the article, to customize the english email template for page notification open the file /etc/notification/email/default/com.day.cq.wcm.core.page/en.txt but not able to find it in crxde. Also i am not able to find etc/worklow/notification path in AEM 6.5.2.


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