When exactly does jcr:lastModified get updated?




if I am correct then modifying e.g. the title property of an asset via its properties dialog does not update the jcr:lastModified property. Is this correct?

What is required to have this updated automatically? Will adding mixin:lastModified help to achieve this? How do you even add such mixin to e.g. an uploaded jpeg asset?

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Open Asset Properties panel, notice that other properties can be modified but not created date as its disabled.

Now this created date proprerty gets added when assets is created in AEM and remains as it forever.

Now check /libs/dam/gui/coral/components/admin/contentrenderer/base/init/assetBase.jsp

where assetLastModification value is set as created date. Means its degined in such a way that last modified and created date remains same. Hence it never gets updated when any property is modified also.