What is the difference between "all access" and "on demand" subscriptions? what is "public training" and what is "on demand training"? Which is better? Which is needed?





This page: https://learning.adobe.com/products-resources/learning-subscription.html  has two different subscripts, on demand and all access.  What is the difference, and how do I know which to take?


all access has "Public Training".  What is public training?  How do I know if a course comes under "public training" or "on demand training"?  Surely public training means its free?


This course: https://learning.adobe.com/catalog/adobe_experiencemanager/cours000000000096961.html has 4 options what does: APAC, EMEA etc. mean?


All the courses seem to be classroom.  I.e. you have to spend a day listening to someone.  Are there no e-learning courses?  I need e-learning (not instructor lead), because I can only do courses at night. During the day I have to work.

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