What are the best options to upload assets into dam from a third party source?

vitis90 10-07-2018

Hi all,

We have a requirement where we need a third party vendor to upload assets into our system. Is there anything out of the box solutions available in AEM itself? What kind of privileges and access need to be given for the same?


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Yes, Scott is right.

See this link for uploading assetsfrom AEM DAM UI: Managing Assets with the Touch-Optimized UI

If you really want to upload via third party tool, you need to use customize or use Java client to upload assets  - as Scott said.


Ratna Kumar.

smacdonald2008 10-07-2018

AEM only lets you upload assets from the AEM DAM UI - as talked about here:.

Managing Assets with the Touch-Optimized UI

THat is why it gives you APIs like Asset Manager API to build custom tools.  This Java client lets you upload assets in batch,

vitis90 10-07-2018

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the reply but I'm looking for some out of the box solutions in AEM itself. Like, can we give access to only specific folders and the third party can login into our dam system and upload? Currently, we are not looking into writing any custom code for this.



You can create an AEM application that lets a user select a file from their local desktop and upload it to AEM Digital Asset Manager (DAM). The file is posted to a custom Sling Servlet that persists an image file in the AEM DAM.

You can go through the Demo at [1] for more details.

[1]Adobe Experience Manager Help | Uploading files to Adobe Experience Manager DAM using AssetManager A...