WCM core upgrade to 2.9.0 with 6.5.3



Hi Team,


I'm upgrading my core components to 2.9.0, is it mandatory to have 6.5.4 service pack for it?

As per documentation https://github.com/adobe/aem-core-wcm-components 

They mentioned , system requirement as 6.5.4+ , I've 6.5.3 installed and i couldn't find any issue so far with 2.9.0 core component.


Can someone confirm if it's fine to proceed?


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Hi @chandeshj240320 


As per their documentation, the system requirement is (Reference https://github.com/adobe/aem-core-wcm-components/blob/master/VERSIONS.md)

Core Components Historical System Requirements:


Core 2.9.0 AEM Java 8, 11


They only mention supporting version for AEM 6.5. So, I would recommend you upgrade your AEM instance to service pack if you want to proceed with the latest core component and want to avoid any unexpected issue.



Arpit Varshney

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Hi @chandeshj240320 , as per the documentation the Core Components 2.9.0 is compatible with AEM 6.5.4+ version. As mentioned by you that you have deployed the Core Components 2.9.0 on AEM 6.5.3 and you are not facing any issue, but in the future, if you face any issue/if you find any bug, Adobe will not provide support for that because of the recommended version is AEM 6.5.4+. 


So I would recommend using the version AEM 6.5.4 so that in future if you face any issue you can reach out to Adobe support for help.