Watermarking on Video Asset in AEM 6.4?



Hi Experts,

we are using AEM Asset 6.4 and uploaded video assets. How we can apply the watermarking on Video Asset? Is it possible in AEM Asset?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hey Susmi,

Thanks for asking this question,

Interesting task, you're lucky.

Absolutely, AEM Assets is an extendable solution that would support any logic you would like add to it.

For further read please check:

Applying Workflows to Assets

Processing Assets Using Media Handlers and Workflows

In summary, there should be no problem that would prevent you to add a watermark with your very important cat image on top of a video in AEM Assets!

In fact I'm pretty sure you can do this via vlc vlc --sub-filter logo --logo-file cat.png video.avi (this would add a cat image watermark in top of your video.avi file)

As a side note, processing video on your Author might be an absolute killer feature for your content author. Which would make their instance very very slow and experience even more pleasant than usual. Therefore, consider using Web based solutions or https://api.encoding.com/reference#Watermarking  to make external system take the CPU hit. You might even consider using another instance to do the heavy lifting, hello Multitenancy scenarios and use cases - Apache Sling - Apache Software Foundation



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Answers (3)



Yes, you can use 3rd party library.

Change the OOTB workflow and add your custom workflow process which use library like ffmpeg to inject watermark in video. This can be a CPU intensive operation depends on video length and quality.

Make sure to read the license of the library you choose you use.

GitHub - bramp/ffmpeg-cli-wrapper: Java wrapper around the FFmpeg command line tool

Or you can choose to use a 3rd party tool and add watermark outside of AEM and then upload final video in aem.



Thanks for the info Arun.

Is there any possibility of using a third party watermarking tool that we can use to watermark videos and integrate it with AEM Assets?





According to document

AEM Assets supports text to be used as a watermark to watermark the web-renderable image formats, such as GIF, PNG, JPEG, and BMP.

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