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We’ve configured smart content services on our AEM 6.4.5 environment, and are utilizing smart tags. Our next step we’re attempting to take is utilizing enhanced smart tags for some of our company data points. We’ve gone thru the steps listed on the page below to attempt to do some training, but are unsure where to validate that the training has actually occurred.

Adobe Experience Manager Help | Enhanced Smart Tags

We have a folder on 32 tif files that we’ve tagged, and after running the Smart Tag Training workflow against that folder we don’t see any results showing up in the asset report. Is there somewhere in the system to validate that the training workflow actually ran against the assets other then just looking at the reporting?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Ben,

If you are checking on periodic training.

Enable debug logging on and check on the same. It does have info level messages:"Periodic tagging job started...");"Periodic tagging job finished and took {} ms", System.currentTimeMillis() - start);

Further you can confirm auto-tagging schedule by navigating to /system/console/components/ and checking the

Properties which lists scheduler.expression in cron job format.

However if you have running through on-demand workflow then too it should log messages at debug level as checked from

log.debug("Request training for tags: [{}]", Arrays.toString(tagIds));

log.debug("Successfully requested training.");

Hence please validate accordingly and confirm by setting debug level logs for


Sumeet Chawla.

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