Using oAuth in AEM 6.5

spriceD24 22-05-2020

Hi, we are running AEM 6.5. We have some application to application connectivity, whereby we have a on-premises Java applicaiton which is calling an API on a cloud hosted AEM 6.5 instance. We want to add in oAuth for the authentication piece, but can not find any sample in the Adobe documenation of how this can be done. We can see examples in older versions of AEM 6.5 but the oAuth libraries in the examples seems to have been removed in the newer AEM versions.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

albinissac 26-05-2020

Refer the following URL, may help you -

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Answers (2)

raghavc 22-05-2020



If you are planning to use external OAuth provider to access content in AEM, you have to write a bit of custom code, do check the below link. AEM does have a better integration with SAML for this.


If you want to use AEM as OAuth provider then please refer to the links shared by @jbrar .