Using insertvariables RTE plugin in Touch Dialog config question

Dana__Anthony 01-08-2018

For the rtePlugins used in a dialog, it's necessary to define them in the inline and dialogFullScreen nodes in the toolbar property.

You also need to make (for paraformat, styles) a popover definition with an "items" field:  for paraformat this is "paraformat:getFormats:paraformat-pulldown" and for styles it is "styles:getStyles:style-pulldown" - what should it be for the insertvariable plugin?  is it "insertvariable:getVariables:insertvariable-pulldown" ?  Because I tried that and it's not working.

Also does anyone know where the RTE plugins that aren't in the demo here: Configuring Experience Manager Rich Text Editor Plugins in a Touch UI Component Dialog are documented, such as insertvariable?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Bharath_valse 04-09-2018

The inservariables plugin was provided by personalization/MCM, this never got ported to Touch UI (as the team has moved to Adobe Campaign from AEM/CQ MCM implementation).

There is a Touch UI-compatible version of the Adobe Campaign insertvariable plugin (which gets the variables from a AC instance), so you could use this as a starting point for creating a custom Touch UI-based version of the original insertvariables plugin.

Your entry point would be /libs/mcm/campaign/components/touch-ui/clientlibs/rte/personalizationplugin/plugin.js