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Using Dispatcher with Multiple Domains | AEM Community Discussion




Using Dispatcher with Multiple Domains by Adobe Docs


Use Dispatcher to process page requests in multiple web domains while supporting the following conditions:
1. Web content for both domains is stored in a single AEM repository.
2. The files in the Dispatcher cache can be invalidated separately for each domain.

For example, a company publishes websites for two of their brands: Brand A and Brand B. The content for the website pages are authored in AEM, and stored in the same repository workspace:
| - content
| - sitea
| - content nodes
| - siteb
| - content nodes

Pages for BrandA.com are stored below /content/sitea . Client requests for the URL https://BrandA.com/en.html are returned the rendered page for the /content/sitea/en node. Similarly, pages for BrandB.com are stored below /content/siteb .
When using Dispatcher to cache content, associations must be made between the page URL in the client HTTP request, the path of the corresponding file in the cache, and the path of the corresponding file in the repository.

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Using Dispatcher with Multiple Domains


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