using curl to query package manager for location of package under /etc/packages

ArobMFS 16-12-2019

Uploaded/installed packages are placed in function specific folders.


How can I query via curl to get the folder location?


I would hate to have to install/locate manually to get that location before replicating.

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nirmaljosehere 16-12-2019

Packages are always grouped based on 'group' property of the package. For example, core components have mentioned group as 'adobe/cq60' and is placed at /etc/packages/adobe/cq60/


If you want the full list of packages you can use the package list API at  http://localhost:4502/crx/packmgr/list.jsp

sukohli 17-12-2019

You can use the GET command below:




Where "my_packages" is one of the folders under /etc/packages where packages will be stored. You can replace this with your custom folder name.