Using Bulk Editor on 6.5 to query commerce



I have tried using the Query Parameter "sling:resourceType":'commerce/components/product' but was unable to get any results with that simple evaluation. Has anyone created or used a similar query parameter to only evaluate if a file is a primary object within commerce?

I can run a report with no query parameters and get a significant amount of data that shows every jcr attribute.


My Root path is like: /var/commerce/products/brand/en_us


Thank you!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @james-eaton,

Starting AEM 6.4, Bulk editor is marked as deprecated per below link

If you are looking to get/export the data and not going to edit/import content, you can try to use "Reports" from ACS commons where you have option to input XPATH or JCR-SQL2 query with dynamic inputs and options to configure desired columns in the report. (Exported in CSV format)

Screenshot for reference: (Have hardcoded the query directly. Can make use of "Search Parameters" section)




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