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Using Amazon S3 Datastore vs FileDatastore for an AEM solution not hosted on AWS


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Hello All,

I am trying to explore the benefits of using S3 over Local File Datastore for our AEM instances hosted on our Internal Data Centers (Not in AWS).

We are upgrading from out current version of 6.0 SP3 to 6.2 SP1. We have been using 6.0 with OOB implementation of Segmentstore.

Current status of our instances in terms of usage

1. Production Author current repository size is ~300GB. We anticipate it may go upto 500GB in the next 4-6 months.

2. Publishers repository is somewhere between 60-80GB.

As of now, we do not plan to share binary data between instances.

Given the stats above, my questions are

1. Does it make sense to use S2 data store when the AEM instances are not hosted on AWS?

2. How much of a performance benefit can be achieved if we go with S3 datastore vs Local File datasore.

Any inputs, thoughts, directions is appreciated.



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