Use of Agent User ID in replication Agent



Hi All,

I want to know the use of Agent User ID in replication Agent.
I know theoretically that it collects the content. But i didn't understand the usage practically .

Is it something used for later stage in dispatcher flush ?



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Accepted Solutions (1)





configuring the transport and replication users is also mandated in the security checklist [0] "The replication user is used to collect the content to be replicated on the author system before it is sent to the publisher."

When you replicate content, the system needs to use a user to create the package, by default it would use the admin account, so rather than using a user that access to all the content, you want to use a lower level user to whom you give read access to only the areas you would wish to replicate. So you don't give the user more access than is needed to perform it's function.

Once you get into more advanced topics such as replicating only specific parts of the content tree to specific publish instances, then assigning a agent user becomes more helpful [1]



[0] replication and transport users

[1] Replication for Multiple Publish Instances