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Usage of cq-hybris-content-6.2.100 cq-geometrixx-hybris-content-6.2.100?


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Hi All,

After so many analysis of AEM integration with Hybris by using the below two packages,

  1. cq-hybris-content-6.2.100
  2. cq-geometrixx-hybris-content-6.2.100

We can connect and check the connection is working fine or not.

Just with this raised a question on this, by doing this integration using this plugin provided by Adobe,

Question :

1) What ever changes we make in Hybris will be reflected in AEM site ?

2) If we make changes in AEM side will it get reflected in Hybris site ?

3)Main purpose of this connector used ? Like its AEM with Hybris we can do? or also Hybris with AEM.

I mean Hybris with AEM because,

The data eg:  DAM asset can be taken into Hybris PIM via this connector ?

Can anyone explain me ., Bit Confused now.

Thanks in advance !

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