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Uploaded image into AEM, but while using List component options the image becomes distorted.


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In the List component, there are two options to display an image w/ text that I'm working with in a redirect web page - 1.) "Teaser with Photo 1" and 2.) "Teaser with Photo 2."  After uploading an image into DAM, the first option displays a large image with text to the right.  In the second option, the image appears normal size with text shown beneath the image.  Again, only one image was uploaded into DAM, but for some reason the image appears larger with "Teaser with Photo 1".  Why does AEM adjust/reformat/resize the image?  

I want to use the first option ("Teaser with Photo 1") so text will display to the right of the image, but for some reason AEM automatically resizes the image larger when I use "Teaser with Photo 1."  Is this a known issue?  Any feedback would be highly appreciated, thanks.

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What version of AEM are you using? 


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Why does AEM adjust/reformat/resize the image?  

As far as I know, AEM does not do any of this with the image. It seems CSS issue. Would you mind inspecting the bigger image through browser console?.



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These are different rendition available for image assets. This is the functionality.

Can you share the screen where you think it's reformatting the image?