Upload HTML pages in AEM6.4

varuns46785756 29-11-2018

Hi All,

I have plan HTML files(pages) , can I upload these HTML pages in AEM6.4 at any location means DAM or somewhere else.I just need to store these pages in AEM.

I don't want to create template or component , just need to keep plan html pages in AEM6.4.Please suggest.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Varun,

Yes Scott is right. You can upload the HTML pages in DAM location as you the see the screenshot provided by Scott..


Ratna Kumar.

Answers (6)

Answers (6)

vnovaesp 06-12-2018

I tried, I created a simple HTML to upload in AEM, but when I access the URL, it shows the Error 404 message.

I have a custom page, a landing page, with content that will be accessible via a URL.

The Design Package option does not appear when creating a New Page.

So would it be possible to create a landing page in HTML / CSS / IMAGE, upload to a folder in AEM and access via URL?

vnovaesp 06-12-2018

I have the same case.

I would like to upload an HTML inside the platform to be able to promote a Landing Page.

It's simple with HTML and CSS.
There is no form in it.

It's possible?

varuns46785756 30-11-2018

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the response but I want to access those html page also by the page name , if I am uploading in DAM and someone trying to access by url it will start downloading the page.Is there any option to access the html page by url.