Upgrade to 6.4 from 6.3



Currently I have system running on AEM 6.3 and planning to upgrade to AEM 6.4. I was going through the upgrade documents and have couple of questions:

1. In AEM 6.4, all configurations(including Cloud services and context) are moved to /conf folder. Do we need to manually move these configurations to /conf and then update the references on the page or else AEM has utility that can take care of this?

2. If all /etc configurations need to be migrated to /conf then why we still have /cloudservices pages under /etc? Does it mean than any custom cloud services still need to be deployed under /etc instead of /conf or else it needs to be added in /apps under overlayed path?

3. Does AEM 6.4 still supports static templates? If yes then how the design path is handled on pages with static template. In 6.3 and below it was part of /etc. Do we need to move it to /conf? If yes then what are the best practices and where these should be organized?

Any pointers are highly appreciated.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Per my knowledge, the migration is a manual task per use case as mentioned here -- Adobe Experience Manager Help | Repository Restructuring in AEM 6.4

The only utility that I'm aware of for certain use cases is Adobe Experience Manager Help | Lazy Content Migration

Yes, static templates are not recommended but supported in 6.4. You'd see the "Design" mode option under "Edit" mode when you click on the caret icon and it would allow you to configure design page of that template in a similar way as it used to work in Classic UI.