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i created a Experience fragment and that was exported to Target successfully. Later i used that XF to create a variation as live copy and when i was trying to export it to target, i saw it was already showing as exported. (I wasn't getting Export To Target option, instead i'm getting options for Update/Delete from Target). Also, when i check in target, i dont see my XF. If i try to delete or update i get a message that it has been delete by some user, but since i am using my localhost there's no other user to delete it. But if i created XF as Variation (instead of variation as live copy) then i will be able to export/delete/update as and when i like).

Is this an expected behaviour?

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Reply from Adobe's Expert:

When the variation live copy is created it will also copy the target metadata subnode which holds the sync info and target offered. This way the new variation will also be shown as already synced. For AEM as a could service it is already fixed. Please reach out to support for backporting. Refer:- CQ-4273609