Update Translation - Change to page properties are not translated when update



We have language copies of a site, all language copies are translated based on the english master site. Translation works fine when running for a new language copy, but once updating page properties ex. page description (jcr:description) the new text is not being translated/reflected on the existing language copy.


The description is being translated the first time as this property is defined in the translation_rules.xml, so this is failing only when updating an already existing language copy. 


We are using the OOTB MS Translation connector to our own MS Translator API account. 


Is that a known bug in AEM or is it a configuration somewhere we are missing?


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Let me check on this and get back to you.




Hi @hadriz 


Can you please be more specific around wht you are using language copy or live copy, both are very different? Also, please mention the steps you are following to translate updated page.


translation_rules.xml is the only file to decide which properties are to be translated. Please specify steps and we can tell you better.





Hi @Nupur_Jain ,

I have updated the questions, sorry there are no live copies involved here it is a matter of language copies translated from english. 



- Update page x properties (Description)

- Mark the page in sites and open Reference side menu -> Language Copies

- Choose the language copy from the list of existing language copies and click Update Language copies 

- Select Project and click Update (I select use Existing project and use the one I have already).

- I run the Translation Job in that project by clicking Start Translation Job(s)


The language copy is modified by the translation service but the page description (jcr:description) is not updated with the new text. 




Hi @hadriz 


Can you check of there any launch page exists in launchers. Access http://localhost:4502/libs/launches/content/launches.html and check if the page you are trying to translate again is not present in list. If it is present, you will have to promote your launch to replace existing language copy with updated translated copy.

Hey @Nupur_Jain,


The project is configured to auotmatically promote Translation Lanuches and approve them. I check the list just in case and the pages are not there. I have tested to update text in some components within the page and that is being updated it is only the page properties that do not get updated. In our case it is the page description. The page description gets translated if I am created a translation for a new language and the language copy it is created for the first time. If I however update the description of the english page and run update translation then the description is not translated. 


We have a work around for now to remove the language copy fully and rerun the translation but this is not going to work for the long term as we have 30+ languages and we cannot remove all of them everytime we need to update a page property. 


Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated




Hi @hadriz 


I checked the whole scenario, the issue is not with the translation Project or process. It is with lanch copies, when launch copies are promoted either manually or automatically, any change on jcr:content node of the page i.e page properties are not refleected back to original copy.

For any of one project, deselect "delete launch after promotion" in translation project, modify jcr:description and try translation. Then once the translation is ccompleted, go to crx/de and look at the jcr:content node of the promoted page in launch, the path would look like this "/content/launches/2020/07/28/translation_reviewitalian10/content/we-retail/language-masters/it/jcr:content". You would see the translated description but since launch copy works that way, it is giving idea that translation for page properties is not happening.


Hey @Nupur_Jain , 

Thanks for the thorough analysis, I see the issue with the Launch promotion as you mentioned. Do we agree that this is a defect in AEM or is it an intended behavior or system configuration? 

Hi @hadriz 


I am not sure if it is considered as bug or an intended behavior. 


@kautuk_sahni  Please confirm on the question.